“I got the opportunity to have Kayla Reuter edit a post for my blog, and I was utterly impressed. She was professional and beyond efficient! Her edits enhanced my central topics and cut out the elongated, unnecessary details that took away from the focused idea. My voice in the writing wasn’t lost or muted at all. My experience with Kayla was so positive that I will be looking to work with her again in the future!”

Susan Aubin, author of the “I’m Organized Chaos” lifestyle, advice, and self-care blog | saubin0402.wixsite.com/website |@susan.a.aubin on Instagram

“My experience with Kayla [was] joyful. She has an intricate eye for revisions and her corrections improved the flow and effectiveness of my work. She edited my piece within a few hours and sent the revised and final drafts. I would definitely recommend her to other writers due to how professional and exceptional her work ethic is. Please hire her!”

Tess Lee, astrologer, founder of Astrogrlz | Astrogrlz website | @astrogrlz on Twitter | Tess’s Patreon Tess’s Instagram

“Kayla is one of the most intelligent, diligent, and upstanding people that I have ever met. Her professionalism and integrity are unmatched. Having known Ms. Reuter for over two years now, I fully endorse her and cannot recommend her strongly enough.”
Keith A. Wynn, Assistant Director of Transfer Recruitment, University of Kentucky | Keith’s LinkedIn

“Kayla was professional from the very start and throughout. She responded quickly and precisely to my emails and was happy to answer any questions I had in a friendly and approachable manner, which meant communication wasn’t at all daunting. I found her work efficient and covered exactly what I needed, including bringing back the flow that I occasionally lost. I am grateful I had the opportunity to work with Kayla, [as] her work ethic is inspiring.”

Charlotte Kerswill, author | @authorcharlottekerswill on Instagram | Charlotte’s website

“My experience with Kayla Reuter was wonderful! She was professional, patient, and kind in everything she communicated. Her edits were not only insightful but also encouraging. Kayla will bring a sharp eye and a deft hand to your work. I’d highly recommend her to anyone looking for a freelance editor!”

Fiona Green, author | @fionagreenwriting on Instagram Fiona’s website

“I’ve known Kayla through her day job for a long time now, and she is kind, patient, understanding, friendly, and fun to chat with. She has a passion for writing and editing, and I see lots of potential in her. Quite frankly, she’s too good for her day job. I like to think I can judge people well, and to me, Kayla is a wonderful person inside and out.”

Gus Kugis, Airline Operations Manager, Chicago-O’Hare

“Kayla Reuter did an outstanding job editing my work.  Her comments took my essay to the next level and really challenged me to improve as a writer.  [Her editing] was done in a timely fashion, and she was very professional in communicating with me.”

Benjamin T. Mueller, author, speaker, athlete, referee | Ben’s Amazon author profile

“Kayla is a brilliant editor. Working with her has been a great experience. Not only does offer thorough insight, but she also educates me about my mistakes in my essays when I don’t understand. She’s pushed me to become a better writer through her questions and attention to detail. Overall, Kayla is knowledgeable in her craft, friendly, gifted, and affordable. Highly recommend!”

Kelsey R., nursing student, McHenry County College


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