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For your editing services, why do you charge per word and not per hour?

I aim for a reasonably quick turnaround, and sometimes I don’t need a full hour (or more) to edit a document. More importantly, I wouldn’t milk the hourly structure to earn more money. Efficiency is queen!

Do I really need to pay for editing or even several rounds of editing?

The American Copy Editors Association (ACES) found that readers usually notice errors in text, which inevitably damages your brand as an author. Even if you’re brilliant at grammar, you can’t self-edit perfectly. You need to hire an editor if you want a reputation of releasing only the best content. If your first round of editing involves heavy changes, you should also sign up for a final proofreading, as errors may be missed or introduced during heavy editing. According to the Society for Editors and Proofreaders (SfEF), a good copy editor picks up at least 80% of errors, and a good proofreader picks up 80% of what’s left.

Do you have a portfolio I can peruse to get an idea of your editing style?

Yes! I encourage you to browse my portfolio here, as I try to update it often and triple-check for any previously missed errors.

However, if you’re interested in receiving a unique editing sample, please email me a document up of to 500 words with a brief note indicating which editing style you’d like to see, and I’ll respond within the day.

With which citation styles are you familiar?

Modern Language Association (MLA), Associated Press (AP), and Chicago Styles

Can you provide an estimated timeframe of your editing?

With sheer estimation in mind:

~500 words = 30 minutes or less

~1000 words = 60 minutes, give or take

~70,000 words = four weeks

~100,000 words = minimum eight weeks

These ARE NOT guarantees. Every project is unique, so I cannot identify timeframes with certainty unless they are obviously shorter.

Do you reference manuals or guides when editing?

I edit mostly from memory, intuition, and retained skills, but I do reference physical copies of the Chicago Manual of Style, 17th edition, and the 2018 AP Stylebook. For MLA citations, I also reference Purdue University’s online citation guide.

Do you edit tone or text?

I edit text, but I can edit for tone as well if you specify in the contact form or a later message. Additionally, I do not perform developmental editing.

Why do I have to sign a contract?

According to Freelance Folder, “A contract can help to assure that both you and the client agree on the terms of the project and the nature of the work; clearly spells out payment terms, due date, number of revisions, and the answers to numerous other questions that might arise during the course of the project; may provide legal protection for both the client and the freelancer; clearly conveys that you are a professional running a business and that you are serious about your work; and protects the freelancer from changes in the scope of work and the client from work that doesn’t meet the contractual requirements.”

What if I don’t sign the contract?

Editing will not commence, and the agreement will be effectively terminated.

What if I cancel the project?

If both parties have signed the contract, I am entitled to your initial half-deposit of the total investment to compensate for the time and energy I’d already put into the project.

When do you start the actual editing?

Usually as soon as I receive an email from you with your signed version of my client contract (which I will have sent beforehand, of course).

Do you charge any hidden fees or surcharges?

Absolutely NO hidden fees. Simply put: you pay half the total price of the service you want after we sign the contract, and the rest is due when you approve the final edit.

For all other extenuating circumstances, we can definitely work out a reasonable adjustment via email.

On which platforms do you edit?

Microsoft Word and PowerPoint (if applicable) as well as Google Docs and Slides (if applicable)

What if I catch an error you didn’t?

Please tell me! Copy editors strive for 95% accuracy because human error can make editing with the goal of complete flawlessness almost impossible, as I am bound to miss something at one point or another. Therefore, I cannot guarantee an entirely error-free product, but I will absolutely shoot for as much accuracy as I can ensure. I thank you kindly for understanding this facet of editing.

Do you ghostwrite/rewrite?

Yes! Ghostwriting is a newer service I offer and is highly dependent on the author’s goals and project word count.

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