Client Contract

As I am a freelance editor, a contract between you and me is necessary to ensure that I’m paid for each component of your service and that you understand what your money is netting you in return. The contract is a binding agreement that I will not charge any hidden fees and you will not neglect to send payment. This way, you and I will have communicated about our business expectations and you also have proof that I am actually using my time to edit your work. If you have any questions about the contract, please do not hesitate to contact me. Below is a template of said contract I will send after being contacted.


Author(s): x

Editor: Kayla Reuter

Length and description of document(s): x



Editor agrees to perform the following on the document: [editor will choose appropriate tasks in real contract]

1. Developmental editing: initial critique (included for all packages)

This comprises two editing passes between author and editor: 1) editor will revise according to author’s chosen tier of editing and send the document to author for approval, to which author will accept or reject changes and answer any editor questions. In the case of changes being accepted, editor will return to the document to incorporate them and clean the copy of editorial markings. In the case of changes being rejected, author will pay remaining balance.

           A1.    If author has specified the selection of the Premium tier, they are entitled to a second round of developmental editing/critique if needed.

2. Basic: Proofreading for grammar, usage, spelling, and punctuation

3. Standard: Copy and stylistic editing (clarifying meaning, eliminating jargon, polishing language; line-by-line editing for smoothness and clarity while maintaining author’s voice and style)

4. Premium: Copy and stylistic editing as described above, up to two rounds of developmental editing/critique, brief feedback from a reader’s perspective, evaluating fluidity and tone


Author agrees to pay editor at a rate of $_______ in USD per word for the chosen ___________ tier via PayPal, Venmo, or another agreed-upon form of payment with a brief note stating their name and the service they purchased. Once editor calculates total price based off of word count, half is due immediately upon contract signature (editor will send appropriate invoice afterward), and the remaining half is due upon completion of the service. All payments are nonrefundable, NOT including extenuating circumstances or the editor terminating this agreement if work hasn’t been done. 


Contingent upon immediate signing of this contract and initial payment, the edited document(s) will be delivered to author by editor within _________ days, according to chosen ______________ tier, or sooner.


Editor agrees not to reproduce, show, or give anyone any material sent to her by author for editing purposes unless author specifically states otherwise. 


Editor is NOT responsible for direct expenses incurred while fulfilling this agreement. Author must manage all other expenses for their document(s).


No guarantees are made as to the usability or marketability of the edited document(s), nor are the document(s) guaranteed completely error-free, though all efforts will be made to make it so. Unless a co-writing/co-authorship arrangement is made in writing, all royalties and monies earned by the sale of the finished document(s) are the sole property of the author.


Both parties agree that this contract shall be interpreted and governed by the laws of the United States.


This agreement may be amended only with both parties’ signatures.


Once the project is underway, either party may terminate this agreement in the event of material change of circumstance with 14 days’ notice sent in writing to the other party. If editor terminates the agreement, editor will reimburse author the initial half payment only if editor has begun working. If author terminates the agreement, author will notbe reimbursed for work completed up to date of termination.

This agreement is made and entered into by and between the parties hereto on this date: _____________________.

Author signature

Author’s full name: 




Editor signature

Editor’s full name: Kayla L. Reuter



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